A Visual play, with Perception and Illusion, Dream and Reality, Thought and Presentation! A Perfect

An enquiry into Art

We might not be able to address it as an accident or to be exactly “PLAN”, as John Berger states it in “Ways of seeing”. But, keeping in view the experience in painting and the skill that he has developed, it looks as if it is a deliberately, planned and masterly executed work.

Let us go with little details and later discuss about the subjectivity sometime later.
The fur, which was about to fall, or slide down, she managed it to be on her that is clear if we look at her right hand little closely. Right leg is lifted and is about to turn, and if we just look at the fur coat, you will certainly feel that she is much taller than she supposed to be, and if we draw an imaginary line from head to toe. We can see that the torso and the legs are in different angles all together. If we have to align her torso according to her legs, she has to bend her torso little forward, because her entire body weight has to rest upon her left leg. If it is not, then I suppose gravitational force do not affect her, thus making her a divine being symbolically.
Now the million-dollar question is why would he mix up three different angles and fuse them up in to one beautiful painting?
Why she is naked? Even if she is naked, she is not certainly young, neither too old for that matter, to look at?
Above of all this, he has taken all the care, to not to arouse any carnal feelings in the observer that is for sure.
What is he telling us? 

Well mixing three different angles into one will obviously interest few who are keen and decipher it at least can try for it. In order to do it we might need to look into his other works in renewed perspective, his lifestyle, his philosophy, and his writings if any.

We have observed that they believed, different body parts from different models and fusing them into one perfect figure to be the most beautiful. Probably because nakedness means expressing oneself the way they are with at-most confidence in the viewer or the observer in private, but when an artist tries to depict the same (nude) in the form of painting, it becomes difficult to portray exactly same, as his unconscious mind convinces him to make subtle changes moreover, whatever he/she is observing draws their own reasons and judgement upon the form, beauty, colour, shades, shapes, and texture, continuously relating it with their reason for expressing it in the for of a visual.

Above all, the most important one - who is the model? How the model is convinced by the artist to be painted nude? a friend, beloved, or a paid model, posing as a model, should be considered as it could create an over all intention, mood, of the artist and the model.

He depicted her in such a way where younger people or less experienced people in life would not prefer her to be beautiful, where older or well experienced people would be please at her beauty, but with a twist of turning either sides same time would puzzle and lead them towards the dual nature of female gender, where one half is turning towards you and the other half away. where they have a prominent role in men's life, where she is revered high yet, deprived of equality and always seen as men's possession.

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