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Though you may know what faith and fact exactly mean, yet for few friends who are new to these terms, for my satisfaction and conformation, let me brief it.

Faith is a term that sometimes, it really mystifies me, as I really do not know how deeply intertwined with once psychology. As in my opinion it becomes the ground to our morals and ethics to be built upon which we call it as core personality, plus logic and reasoning are the two other factors somehow, that cements, this Faith in us, while we are growing, at a very early age. However, most of the part remains hazy but we tend to digest it either unconsciously or by saying that the concept of GOD, or His Philosophy is beyond the reach of mind and speech and then the contemplation begins.

Fact, firstly I would like to thank all those great people who made it possible for us, the coming generations, where one can freely speak about it, without any threat to lives. Ok so now, if you pick any dictionary and try to find the meaning of the word “Fact”, you would find more or less similar or exactly same one. “A truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to be true:” and if you are still confused try to find another word called “Science”. More or less, you would get the same meaning: “A branch of knowledge or study dealing with abody of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws.”
For example:
Earth is spherical in shape but not a flat surface, Heliocentric but not geocentric.

So now, we have a common ground where we know what is Fact and Faith means, as far as our subject matter is related.

Let us scrutinize the thin line between these two.

One being systematically arranged truths, actual experience or observation, and the other, which has to be believed irrespective of the truth or as such, if we talk about the existence of ‘God’ for example, because in no way it can be proved, and there are mysteries that are unsolved at the both ends or Questions that cannot be answered easily, upon that mistakes or atrocities that have had been committed upon each other at times are unforgivable.

There is an old saying in the “mythical witchcraft”, that ‘nothing is free as you shall give back something dear in order to get something that you desire (sacrifice) from nature or from some higher power’. Does it ring any bells in your ears, if not let me clear, probably it might. We dig earth to get iron, steel, and other materials to prepare cement, to build our houses. Digging for oil to fuel our broomsticks., Thus making our planet more warmer and punching holes into ozone layer by releasing carbon dioxide.
We never thought of the ill consequences of our inventions. We cannot cross the boundaries of nature, we cannot device instruments beyond the order of nature but we can become an instrument if we have to.

Now if we blindly believe in something without any proper insight into.., is obviously harmful. We cannot expect a viral fever to be warded off just by a wash of holy water and prayers.
Massacre of people in the name of witchcraft, sorcery and becoming the right hand of Satan “a camouflage of God”. Waging wars, just to show the superiority of one ideology over the other, in the name of “Holy God” is actually Satan camouflaged himself as higher authority, follower of the right path of spirituality.
Having abundant faith upon God will never change the order of nature. Lightning bolt striking upon you but you believes that nothing can happen to you because of your faith is foolishness it will fry you instantly.

The knowledge that we have been inheriting, is diluted with ignorance and segregated with unmindful dogmas and misbelieves. As these separations got deeper and wider, our perception got narrowed and shallow. As a result, we have grown apart from each other and thrown ourselves in to this dilemma, whether to follow the path of faith or to get along with the path of laws and formulas where there was a time, they were tagged as Hershey, Witchcraft, and later, today it is known as science.

Once upon a time, this was the dilemma of few then it became conflict, later split in to communities and now it is a battle in every individual. The long unforgettable & unforgivable battle between fact and faith in our human minds is still elusive and hazy. Though, we were determined and drawn lines in all possible dimensions to comfort ourselves, and we presume that the battle is over, or at the most never thought it to be one. Not realizing that it continuous and spreading under the thick blanket of our ignorance. It never struck to our impeccable human minds that those two paths are interrelated.

Both leads to the same Goal, but with a clause and that is, not individually, but both together and those few who preferred both together never been able to congregate them on a common platform. But, then, who tried they got slaughtered by the dogmas, politics, wars, and what not, for the few mean powerful people’s want, for their benefits of misbelieves and unmindful dogmas.

As if a cycle, where once, Blind folded Faith dominated the world and its order, now the opposite, Facts rule the fate of that Faith.

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